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document Chrysler Scan Tool Flash Availability Document
See the "Chrysler Scan Tool Flash Availability" PDF attached below.
10 Nov, 2017 Views: 92259 Comments: 0
document J2534 Flash Availability Document
The J2534 Flash Availability document is intended to provide Aftermarket users with the correct ECU flash reprogramming part number and designated supercedence list without having to purchase a TechAuthority Online subscription.  PROCEDURE:  To use the J2534...
03 Nov, 2017 Views: 186110 Comments: 0
document How to configure wireless settings on the VCI Pod and microPOD using configuration web page
On a PC with the wiTECH application installed connect the VCI Pod/microPOD with a USB cable and enter IP “” into the address bar of an Internet browser. Select Wireless Settings in the menu on the left Select New and enter the name of your profile that...
27 Oct, 2017 Views: 17780 Comments: 0
document microPod Setup Utility
How-to Setup a MicroPod II for wiTECH 2 DESCRIPTION If your dealership purchased a new microPOD and you would like to convert your existing microPOD for using with wiTECH 2.0...
28 Aug, 2017 Views: 22825 Comments: 0
document Registration Required Message: “The registration server could not be reached”
Some users may receive this message because their Internet Explorer Certificates may be out of date. RESOLUTION: Copy and paste the link below into your browser and save the file to your desktop. https://certs.godaddy.com/repository/gdroot-g2.crt  ...
28 Aug, 2017 Views: 40406 Comments: 0
document How to Join a Secure Meeting
Please navigate to the following URL as directed by the wiTECH Help Desk Agent: GoToAssist: dcctools.com/help ScreenCONNECT: assist.dcctools.com/ Follow the verbal directions from the wiTECh Help Desk Agent to connect.
21 Aug, 2017 Views: 9827 Comments: 0
document DealerCONNECT Site Status
To check for updates on this maintenance activity, please go to the DealerCONNECT site status page: https://ps.extra.chrysler.com/sites/SiteStatus/Pages/WelcomePage.aspx
18 Aug, 2017 Views: 5465 Comments: 0
document wiTECH Application Sits on "Logging in" or Gives Error Message, "Unable to login!..." When Attempting to Log Into DealerCONNECT
Please follow the steps below to troubleshoot issues logging into the wiTECH Diagnostic Application: Verify that you can get online to www.dealerconnect.com Verify that the server selected for the wiTECH application log-in is set to DealerCONNECT The wiTECH application uses the...
10 Jul, 2017 Views: 25235 Comments: 0
document J2534 Supported Vehicles
Please see the attached PDF for a list of FCA J2534 Supported Vehicles.
30 Jun, 2017 Views: 2859 Comments: 0
document wiTECH 1.0 and wiTECHPlus Emulator Support
English DRB III Emulator, Examiner Emulator, and EDI With the upcoming sundown of wiTECH 1.0 and wiTECHPlus, there has been questions regarding the availability of legacy vehicle emulators. These emulators will remain in wiTECH 1.0 and wiTECHPlus and will be available for use with legacy...
22 May, 2017 Views: 4028 Comments: 0
document Chrysler J2534 Application Release Notes
Release Notes will be attached below for upcoming releases.
12 Apr, 2017 Views: 7578 Comments: 0
document TechTOOLS Application will not launch from DealerCONNECT
Description: User is unable to launch TechTOOLS Application from DealerCONNECT -> Service Tab -> Service Tools & Equipment. When the user clicks on TechTOOLS link, the following error (see the screenshot below) is encountered: D   D Overview: The...
11 Apr, 2017 Views: 11463 Comments: 0
document wiTECH 1.0 Sundown
English Starting in 2017, wiTECH 1.0 will no longer support new FCA vehicles and will begin the sundown of vehicles that are already supported in wiTECH 2.0. This will be completed by the end of June 2017. **wiTECH 1.0 will still be available to support vehicles that utilize the...
14 Feb, 2017 Views: 9582 Comments: 0
document TechTOOLS Login Application Changes
TechTOOLS Login Application Changes Effective December 3, 2016 – due to the new FCA ICT security requirements, TechTOOLS will require to enter your DealerCONNECT login credentials in order to access the application. The following window will appear when TechTOOLS is...
01 Dec, 2016 Views: 2703 Comments: 0
document wiTECH Bandwidth Requirements
DESCRIPTION: Reliable Internet connection speed and consistency are essential for the wiTECH System to complete flashes. It is recommended that the download speed of your Internet connection be a minimum of 1.5Mb/sec (Megabits per second) for the 1st wiTECH Client.  Each...
30 Nov, 2016 Views: 10373 Comments: 0
document Chrysler J2534 Manual
Vehicle manufacturers are required to provide a Windows software application for reprogramming emission-related ECUs using a J2534 capable interface.  A J2534 device plugs into the vehicle OBD connector and connects to a computer running a J2534 compliant reprogramming...
18 Nov, 2016 Views: 49217 Comments: 0
document Unable to download ECU re-programming flash files from TechAuthority with Java 7 Update 51 and beyond
Description: User is unable to ECU re-programming flash files from TechAuthority, if the user’s PC has been updated to Java 8 update. Oracle has made major changes in Java 8 update that causes issues in TechAuthority Application. User will see the following error (see screenshot below) when...
18 Nov, 2016 Views: 41649 Comments: 0
document 2014-2017 WK/WD BSM may not be abort-recoverable
2014-2017 WK/WD Blind Spot Module (BSM) Flash Part Number Retrieval Failure after aborted/interrupted flash. DESCRIPTION: Part Number Retrieval may fail after an aborted/interrupted flash session. ROOT CAUSE: The supplier has indicated that the...
28 Oct, 2016 Views: 4090 Comments: 0
document Release Notes for the wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 17.03
Release Notes for the wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 17.03
15 Oct, 2016 Views: 4313 Comments: 0
document Release Notes for the wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 17.02
Release Notes for the wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 17.02
27 Aug, 2016 Views: 6442 Comments: 0
document How to install the wiTECH Diagnostic Application for the first time
DealerCONNECT Users (New PCs Only): DealerCONNECT users can now download the wiTECH application from a secured website. This improvement will allow you to access the application as a self-service process.  Log into DealerCONNECT. Navigate to Service Scroll down to the...
26 Jul, 2016 Views: 47510 Comments: 0
document Release Notes for the wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 17.01
Release Notes for the wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 17.01
23 Jul, 2016 Views: 4801 Comments: 0
document Dependent Software for TechTOOLS Application
DESCRIPTION TechTOOLS Application requires the following dependent software to have been installed: Note: Microsoft ended Windows XP support on April 8, 2014. wiTECH Helpdesk will no longer provide support for TechTOOLS that runs on Windows XP machine. Please upgrade your PC/Laptop to Windows...
16 Jun, 2016 Views: 6085 Comments: 0
document Enhanced DRB III Emulator
Overview The DRB III™ hardware device is a handheld diagnostic tool that preceded the Next Generation Service Tool (NGST) family of service tools in FCA dealerships.  This tool was introduced in 1994 and can no longer be manufactured in its current form due to parts...
08 Jun, 2016 Views: 5651 Comments: 0
document 2011-2013 LX/LD/JC/JF (300C/Charger/Journey/Freemont) Body Control Module/Common Body Controller (BCM/CBC) Flash Failure or Abort
VEHICLES: 2011-2013 LX/LD (300C/Charger) 2011-2013 JC/JF (Journey/Freemont) DESCRIPTION: If the flash fails or is aborted at a particular point in the flash process on these vehicles, the BCM ECU MAY become unusable as...
21 Apr, 2016 Views: 3281 Comments: 0