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  • DHCP
    Dynamic Host Communication Protocol (DHCP) is an network IP addressing protocol that lets one device on a local network, known as a DHCP server, assign temporary IP addresses.

  • Error message: "ssl peer unverified exception"
    This error message indicates that there is a proxy on the network that has not been entered into the network settings on the StarSCAN or the StarMOBILE Desktop Client.

    To check proxy settings open a browser to the internet > Tools> Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy server
    Confirm the port and the whole address (case sensitive)

    For the StarSCAN open the appropriate network connection settings type and scroll to proxy and enter the information. (Most do not have a username and password.)

    For the StarMOBILE Desktop Client launch the Desktop Client when connected to a StarMOBILE
    Select the network connection icon in the upper right hand corner per the PC connection type (ie. wired, wireless)
    Scroll to Proxy settings and enter the appropriate information for port and address
  • StarMOBILE
    The StarMOBILE is a CAN based Diagnostic Tool that works as a passthrough device for the StarMOBILE Desktop Client and the  wiTECH Diagnostic Application for vehicle communication and diagnostics.
  • wiTECH Access Gateway
    The wiTECH Access Gateway is a state-of-the-art Firewall with 802.11g wifi capability, that is used to create a secure, fast and  dependable wireless tool network for the StarMOBILE and the wiTECH VCI Pod.
  • wiTECH Diagnostic Application
    The wiTECH Diagnostic Application is a CAN based vehicle Diagnostic software that provides vehicle diagnostics through a real-time connection to DealerCONNECT and an intuitive user interface that puts application features, information and tools at the technicians fingertips.
  • wiTECH VCI Pod
    The wiTECH VCI Pod is the latest diagnostic pass-through device that can provide both wired and wireless network communication to the wiTECH Diagnostic Application for CAN based vehicle diagnostics, and maintenance.