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wiTECH Networking Tips

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Last updated: 16 Oct, 2013
  1. Do not use any IP address within the range allocated for the wiTECH Network for other network devices (i.e. printers, laptops) in your dealership. IP Address conflicts can result in the inability to perform diagnostics.

    • The IP addresses that were reserved for the wiTECH system by your dealership can be found in the wiTECH Portal.

  2. Before making significant changes to your network, it is essential that the wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk be involved.  The wiTECH System is a configured network system and when changes are made to the network outside of the system, proper communication may be adversely affected.

  3. The radio frequency range used by the wiTECH 802.11g wireless devices is a range that is allowed by government regulatory agencies to be shared.  Other devices can conflict with the wiTECH wireless components, causing communication problems.

    • Interference may result in slow application response, or may be as significant as loss of diagnostic sessions and disruption of flash programming. 

    • Examples of interfering devices are Bluetooth phones and headsets, 2.4 GHz cordless phones, motion detectors, microwaves, wireless overhead doors, wireless video cameras, failing florescent light ballasts, diesel engines, arc welders, and even some Hunter Tire Alignment Systems (e.g. Model P411). In addition, neighboring wireless networks, airports, and military bases may cause interference.

    • If you believe your dealership is experiencing wireless interference, please contact the wiTECH Premium Support Helpdesk.

  4. If you are having issues with wireless networking you can use wired networking to overcome connection and interference issues. For help in using wired connectivity, please contact the wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk.

    • An alternative solution is to connect the VCI Pod directly to your laptop via a USB cable. For more information on this method, please review the article "How to take the VCI Pod and a laptop out on a road test."

    • Special note - A robust network should be utilized for flashing vehicle ECUs with the wiTECH Diagnostic Application. If there are any known issues with connectivity using the wiTECH Diagnostic Application, it is strongly recommended that you provide the safest networking environment possible.

      • The safest networking environment is to connect your PC (running the wiTECH Diagnostic Application) and the VCI device directly to the wiTECH Access Gateway using an Ethernet connection.

  5. Internet radio and other streaming media (YouTube and other video sources, Internet TV, webcasts, Skype and other VoIP, etc.) are known to cause bandwidth and performance issues. The use of streaming media may steal essential bandwidth from the diagnostic session and can result in flash failures and degraded performance.

    • If the dealership uses a single shared Internet connection, streaming media can interfere with the wiTECH System due to reduction in Internet bandwidth regardless of the network configuration.

    • Streaming media can  impact wiTECH operations if the streaming media is in use on the same PC as the wiTECH application.

  6. It is strongly recommended that all PCs and laptops using the wiTECH Diagnostic Application be directly connected to the wiTECH Network (i.e. behind the wiTECH Access Gateway). 

    • This ensures devices are protected by the wiTECH Access Gateway firewall and have direct access to the tools connected to the vehicle.

    • When PCs are operating within the wiTECH dedicated tool network, there is much less chance that bandwidth issues arising from streaming multimedia will impact performance.

  7. Internet connectivity and proper bandwidth to support diagnostics is essential during a successful diagnostic session. If your internet connection is slow or has frequent dropouts, diagnostic sessions can be slow or unresponsive. 

  8. Ensure the information provided by your dealership in the wiTECH Portal is accurate and up-to-date, including the main point of contact, IP address, and asset information.

    • This information is used to properly configure and support your wiTECH System.

  9. If devices are known to be causing problems (such as old or extremely slow PCs, broken or frayed network wires, or physically damaged equipment), it is essential to replace them. The wiTECH environment cannot function properly on broken, damaged, or outdated equipment.

  10. Important information and notices such as troubleshooting techniques and resolutions to known issues can be found in the wiTECH Knowledgebase located at http://kb.dcctools.com.

There are 6,000+ dealers who are successfully using the wiTECH Diagnostic System. If you are experiencing network problems, it is most likely an issue local to your dealership. Please call the wiTECH Help Desk for support on any wiTECH network issues at 1-888-wiTECH-1 (1-888-948-3241).

Article ID: 98
Last updated: 16 Oct, 2013
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