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Listening to Internet Radio May Be Costing You Money

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Last updated: 10 Oct, 2013
  • The wiTECH system depends in a large part upon having the necessary network bandwidth available to perform tasks such as flashes, accessing service bulletins and other service information, and maintaining a connection between a user’s PC and the tool on the vehicle.
  • However, if a dealership fails to implement restrictions on programs that consume network bandwidth (such as Internet radio, YouTube, and other media-streaming sites) the quality of the network will be seriously compromised and may negatively affect not only technician productivity but even warranty profit margin.
  • Since these media-streaming activities consume so much bandwidth, the time required to download and push flashes to vehicles can double or even exceed the LOP allotment. 
  • They will also slow or prevent access to online service information, and will generally degrade the quality of the network service for everyone in the dealership. 

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Article ID: 94
Last updated: 10 Oct, 2013
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Posted: 16 Feb, 2010 by Mitchel J.
Updated: 10 Oct, 2013 by Merriam L.
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