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2014-2017 WK/WD BSM may not be abort-recoverable

Article ID: 559
Last updated: 28 Oct, 2016

2014-2017 WK/WD Blind Spot Module (BSM) Flash Part Number Retrieval Failure after aborted/interrupted flash.


  • Part Number Retrieval may fail after an aborted/interrupted flash session.


  • The supplier has indicated that the BCM ECU may not be abort recoverable due to a part number read issue when the ECU is in an aborted state.  This issue may prevent BSM recovery in the event of a flash reprogramming error or incomplete flash reprogramming session.


  • If this error is encountered, please reattempt the flash reprogramming process. 
  • If the ECU flash was interrupted or a failure has occurred and the ECU part number cannot be read by the service tool, the ECU will need to be replaced.  Please follow all service replacement procedures documented in TechCONNECT.

For more information on flash failure prevention refer to Knowledgebase article 118: ECU Flash Failure: What to Do Next?

If you continue to have an issue flashing this ECU, please contact the wiTECH Help Desk at 1-888-wiTECH-1 (1-888-948-3241) for assistance.

Article ID: 559
Last updated: 28 Oct, 2016
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Posted: 28 Oct, 2016 by KB Update K.
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