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microPOD Device Operating System Separation with wiTECH

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Last updated: 11 Sep, 2015

microPOD Device Operating System Separation with wiTECH

Due to new and required security updates, microPOD devices will no longer be compatible with BOTH wiTECH 16.01 or newer (also called as wiTECH 1.0) and the web-based wiTECH 2.0 application at the same time. Please refer the diagram below:

Note: wiTECH 2.0 Application has been deployed to only FCA franchised dealers in the US and Canada

Please be advised that with wiTECH 16.01 and newer releases the user will be prompted with a choice to convert the microPOD II operating system for use with wiTECH 1.0 (version 16.01 and later) only. The prompt will appear next time the microPOD II is used with wiTECH Diagnostic Application if the user selected US or Canada as the country during the installation of wiTECH 16.01 and furture versions of wiTECH 1.0. Please refer the screen image below.

Note: The wiTECH VCI Pod (also known as wiPOD) is NOT impacted by this update and it will continue to be functional with wiTECH 16.01 and any future versions of wiTECH 1.0.

If you have just one microPOD, we highly recommend that you use your VCI Pod with wiTECH 16.01 or later versions and continue to use your microPOD with wiTECH 2.0.  The microPOD device is now easily affordable and we strongly recommend that your dealerships purchase an adequate number of microPODs for the technicians.

Please email witechsupport@dcctools.com if you have any questions on the microPOD Device Operating System Separation.

Article ID: 533
Last updated: 11 Sep, 2015
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