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Co-Pilot Troubleshooting Steps

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Last updated: 19 Aug, 2014


The following is a list of common troubleshooting steps that should be followed when diagnosing the Co-Pilot  


  • Launch TechTOOLS
    • If TechTOOLS does not launch review public KB 438.

  1. Make sure the cable has been properly connected to the Serial Port (COM1) of the PC as well as the Co-Pilot side.
  2. Make sure COM port has been configured to use with Copilot in TechTOOLS Application.

Note: This can be checked by selecting the Device Options menu.

  1. Make sure the power cable to the Co-Pilot has been connected properly to the power supply and the power supply has been turned on.
  2. Make sure there are no loose connections in all attached cabling (insure all connections are secure).
  3. Check to see if both green and red lights are blinking continuously on the Co-Pilot.
  4. Make sure the Co-Pilot software has been updated to the latest version.
    1. To check go to Device Options, select Device Update and select Co-Pilot from the list of tools. Check and see what the available version and current versions are. If different software should be updated.
  5. If you have problem while creating recording in the Co-Pilot, make sure you use the right cable. Please refer to the Co-Pilot Cable Chart for cable requirements.

Note: The Co-Pilot Cable Chart can be accessed by going to the Templates Tab and clicking on the Co-Pilot Cable Chart button.

If further details are required please refer to knowledge base article: Co-Pilot Frequently Asked Questions http://kb.dcctools.com/index.php?View=entry&EntryID=139

Article ID: 463
Last updated: 19 Aug, 2014
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