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wiTECH Diagnostic Application does not restart automatically after the “Close” button is pressed during “Restore Vehicle Configuration” procedure

Article ID: 458
Last updated: 20 Feb, 2018


During “Restore Vehicle Configuration” procedure, user will see the following message after the vehicle configuration programmed successfully:

When the user clicks on “Close” button on this message window, the wiTECH Diagnostic Application may not restart automatically. Please follow the steps listed below to restart the wiTECH Application if it does not restart automatically:

  1. Disconnect from the vehicle by clicking on the “Disconnect” button as indicated in the screenshot below:

  1. Select the same vehicle in the “Connection Wizard” and click on “Next” button.

Contact the wiTECH Help Desk at 1-888-wiTECH-1 /888-948-3241 or email support@witechtools.com for further assistance with this issue.

Article ID: 458
Last updated: 20 Feb, 2018
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Posted: 20 Feb, 2014 by Maynard R.
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