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J2534 Flash Availability Document

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Last updated: 03 Nov, 2017

The J2534 Flash Availability document is intended to provide Aftermarket users with the correct ECU flash reprogramming part number and designated supercedence list without having to purchase a TechAuthority Online subscription. 


To use the J2534 Flash Availability document:  

  • Confirm current ECU software part number or new generic ECU replacement part number.
  • Review the J2534 Flash Availability document for the vehicle YME (year, model, and engine) and the ECU
  • Review list for updated ECU part number and supercedence.   


  • This is the list of supported software part numbers that a specific ECU flash will update.
  • If the current software part number is not listed, the flash will not update the controller and is not applicable to that particular YME and part.

Steps After Successful Flash Reprogramming:

  • Chrysler J2534 Flash Application for 2009 and earlier vehicles does not provide any functionality for Routine/Key programming after a successful flash.
  • After successful reprogramming or replacement of any J2534-applicable ECU, the J2534 generic scan tool user must follow associated Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for any additionally required steps.
    • TSB information can be found on TechAuthority Online website.
    • If a routine must be performed in order to start the vehicle, J2534 users will need to refer to TSB 08-030-06 REV.A for more details.

NOTE: The New J2534 Application supports these functions on only 2010 and newer vehicles.  

Article ID: 366
Last updated: 03 Nov, 2017
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