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Chrysler J2534 Manual

Article ID: 328
Last updated: 18 Nov, 2016
  • Vehicle manufacturers are required to provide a Windows software application for reprogramming emission-related ECUs using a J2534 capable interface. 
  • A J2534 device plugs into the vehicle OBD connector and connects to a computer running a J2534 compliant reprogramming application. 
  • For Chrysler vehicles, a TechAuthority subscription is necessary to install the J2534 application and download flash files.  
  • The J2534 System is a combination of the Chrysler J2534 Flash Application and the New J2534 Application.

  • J2534 aftermarket users are required to and responsible for installing the J2534 device driver provided by the device manufacturer.  
  • If you need support installing the device driver software, contact your device manufacturer.


  • The J2534 Manual attached below provides users with detailed information regarding downloading, installing, launching, and supporting the J2534 application.  


Article ID: 328
Last updated: 18 Nov, 2016
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