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DRB III Emulator Overview

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Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018


  • The DRB III Emulator software feature provides dealers the key advantage of being able to use their current wiTECH System components in combination with TechTOOLs to perform diagnostics and ECU flash reprogramming on older vehicles with non-CAN BUS architectures.             

DRB III Emulator Requirements and Supporting Features:

  • wiTECH Diagnostic Application release 12.01.63 or later.
  • DRB III Emulator supports Chrysler legacy vehicles 1998 YME and later.
  • Both the VCI Pod and StarMOBILE can be utilized.
  • Vehicle cable requirements: StarMOBILE Smart Cable or regular vehicle cables are supported.
    • The wiTECH VCI Pod standard vehicle cable can be used except on CCD Bus vehicles, in which case a SmartCable is required for the VCI Pod. 
  • JTEC and Cummins controllers are only supported for communication and normal diagnostics, not flash.
  • You must have a valid DealerCONNECT login
  • Not available for Aftermarket/TechAuthority Users.
    • The DRB III Emulator will be made available for purchase to the aftermarket later this year. 
Available Features
There are two kinds of supported flash:
  • Powertrain
  • Non-Powertrain

Unvailable Features:

  • DRB III Emulator Main menu options 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 are not available.
  • Standalone menus 5 and 6 are not available, among others.  
  • No simulations for the DRB III Emulator are available.
  • On the Connection Wizard discovery screen, the year and body will display as question marks. 
    • Because the wiTECH Application supports only CAN and PowerNET Bus Systems, the application cannot ID vehicles with older bus systems like KLINE, SCI, CCD, etc. 


Powertrain Flash

  1. Log into DealerCONNECT and launch TechTOOLS
  2. Select Year, Model, and Engine
  3. Check DRB III Emulator checkbox in TechTOOLS

  1. Select the Show Updates button
  2. Select only the file(s) you wish to download
  3. Select the Downloads/Updates button
  4. The files will then download to the proper location on your computer.
  5. Connect VCI Pod to vehicle
  6. Launch wiTECH Application release 12.01.63 or higher.
  7. Select vehicle from Connection Wizard (discovery)

NOTE: The year and body will display as question marks because wiTECH Application cannot recognize vehicles with older bus systems like KLINE, SCI, CCD, etc

  1. The Launch DRB III button will now display as available rather than greyed out.
  2. Select Launch DRB III.

  1. Select Vehicle Flash from the DRB III Emulator Main Menu.

  1. Select Flash Powertrain

  1. The Chrysler J2534 Application frame will launch.
  2. Select the Select Pass-Thru button.

  1. Select the Chrysler-Legacy-VCI

  1. Select the Start button and follow the prompts.

Non-Powertrain Flash:

  1. Select Vehicle Flash from the DRB III Emulator Main Menu
  2. Select Flash Non-Powertrain
  3. Fill in the Year, Body, and Engine information
  4. Select the Part Number
  5. Select Start Update and follow the prompts

Article ID: 253
Last updated: 17 Jan, 2018
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Posted: 28 Jun, 2011 by Lieber T.
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