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wiTECH Diagnostic Application: Supported Operating Systems

Article ID: 223
Last updated: 01 Oct, 2014

  • The wiTECH Diagnostic Application was rolled out in 2008.  
  • At that time wiTECH supported Windows XP and Vista.
  • Windows 7 with either 32- or 64-bit platforms is the current recommended Operating System (OS) for the wiTECH Diagnostic Application.  

wiTECH Diagnostic Application Support and wiTECH Help Desk assistance for previous OSs have been phased out per the table below:

Windows 8 Supported as of full production field release in October 2012.
Windows 7 Fully supported
Windows Vista The Microsoft Vista OS ceased being supported by wiTECH in June 2011 due to lack of Microsoft drivers necessary to update HFM ECUs. Due to known issues across all major software suppliers with the Windows Vista OS, no software installation or usage assistance will be available for the Vista OS platform.
Windows XP Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 7, 2014. The wiTECH Helpdesk will provide limited support for wiTECH Application that runs on Windows XP Operating System, however support will be ended in the near future. So, please upgrade to a newer PC with better memory and processor.

  • We highly recommend upgrading to the Windows 7 OS to avoid any conflicts in the future.
  • Refer to Knowledgebase article #103, "wiTECH PC Requirements," located at http://kb.dcctools.com/index.php?View=entry&EntryID=103 for detailed information regarding current wiTECH PC requirements.
  • These requirements have been updated due to ECU supplier needs.

Known Issues with Unsupported PC OSs:

  • Software Manager incompatibility; users may not be able to update via the automatic update prompt
  • Increased time when installing or updating the wiTECH Application
  • Slow application response when starting the diagnostic session
  • Slow application refresh issues for data display elements
  • Unable to flash HFM modules 

Article ID: 223
Last updated: 01 Oct, 2014
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Posted: 21 Mar, 2011 by Lieber T.
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