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wiTECH ECU Flash Warranty Information - Warranty Bulletin D-09-12 and Labor Operation (LOP) Questions

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Last updated: 26 Jun, 2013

All available service documentation (SB's, RRT's, Recalls) must still be reviewed to confirm that the flash is applicable to the vehicle BEFORE flashing to ensure that the available flash applies to the connected vehicle.  If a flash is not applicable to the connected vehicle, it could damage the ECU or cause the vehicle system to NOT function properly!

**wiTECH 11.02 UPDATE**:

The wiTECH system, beginning with version 11.02, now performs filtering to enable the 'New Flash Available' icon if a Rapid Response Transmittal (RRT) applies to the connected vehicle.  This completes the planned filtering support as the wiTECH software now filters available flash updates based on Safety Recalls, Service Bulletins, and RRTs. When there is an RRT that applies to the connected vehicle by VIN the wiTECH system will enable the 'New Flash Available' icon, and display the RRT information under the Flash tab.

**wiTECH 10.02 UPDATE**:

Beginning with wiTECH release 10.02, the wiTECH system does additional filtering to only enable the 'New Flash Available' icon if the associated service documentation applies to the connected vehicle.  This additional filtering will work with Recalls and Service Bulletins.  RRTs are not currently further filtered based on the connected vehicle but this functionality is planned in a future release.  Even with this feature, it is still critical to read the associated service documentation!

It is important to note however, though this additional filtering is being done, if you view the 'ECU Flash' tab in wiTECH, you may see a flash update is available but the 'New Flash Available' icon is NOT illuminated.  This would imply that a flash is available purely based on the ECU part number.  Though the flash update is available, it most likely DOES NOT apply for the connected vehicle.  In these cases, you should not perform the flash unless specifically instructed to do so via service documentation.
Clarification to Warranty Bulletin (D-09-12) When will the wiTECH provide the LOP number for a flash?

The only time the wiTECH system will present the LOP code to the technician is:
If a flash update is available for an ECU and NO service documentation is available, the wiTECH will provide the LOP number as seen in the following screens:

To obtain all other LOP codes read below:

  • For flashes associated with SBs (Service Bulletin): The Labor OP (LOP) is listed at the bottom of the SB.
  • For flashes associated with Recalls: The Labor OP (LOP) listed at the bottom of the Recall Bulletin.
  • For flashes associated to RRTs (Rapid Response Transmittal): The Labor OP (LOP) is listed at the bottom of the RRT.  The RRT can be linked directly from wiTECH by selecting the 'Utilities' > 'RRTs / Recalls' utility from the title bar.
  • Generic PCM Replacement:  In these cases, the Quick Labor Operations application available in DealerCONNECT > Service > Claim Administration should be used to find the appropriate LOP.

Please Note: The WiTECH Premium Support Help Desk is a Technical Help Desk providing support for the wiTECH Diagnostic Tools. For further information about billing, warranty claims or LOP Codes, please contact your local business center.

Article ID: 194
Last updated: 26 Jun, 2013
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