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How to Create a Custom Data Display View

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Last updated: 07 Oct, 2013

Version 10.02 of the wiTECH Diagnostic Application contains a new “Custom Display” feature that gives the user the ability to create and view custom data displays comprised of elements across multiple ECUs. The following illustrates how to setup this feature.
  1. To access the Custom Display feature, click on the Utilities tab, then select Custom Display.
  1. Once in the Custom Display screen, click on the "Add new Templates" + icon near the right side of the Templates header. This allows you to add a new customized data display template.  
  1. You can choose to "Restrict view to data on connected vehicle," which will automatically default the year and body accordingly.
  2. Next, choose the ECU(s) desired in the dropdown box, and then highlight the chosen data elements by clicking on them. To move the chosen data elements over to the "Selected Data" field, click on the single right arrow in the middle of the Template Configuration screen. Choose as many or few data elements across as many ECUs as desired.
  3. Once satisfied with data element selections, type in a Template Name and click on Save to save the custom data display template. 
  1. The saved Custom Display Template will now be in the Template table. Highlighting the template name by clicking on the row will present the option to "Launch Custom Display" (shown in blue in the box below).
  1. Upon launching the Custom Display, you will be presented with your Custom Display data table, as shown below.
    • A useful feature of any data table in wiTECH is to click once on the "Name" header (shown in blue below), which will sort the data table alphabetically. Clicking on any header within a table will sort the chosen field accordingly, which is helpful in many instances.
    • Another useful feature is to click on the small "a" or large "A" near the bottom-left side of any wiTECH display screen (circled in blue below), which will alter the text size accordingly.
The Custom Display feature may be especially useful in drivability tests. It is our hope that giving the user the option to pre-select a custom list of data display elements across multiple ECUs will allow for a more focused view of the necessary data values.

Article ID: 113
Last updated: 07 Oct, 2013
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