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How to Take the VCI Pod and Laptop out on a Road Test

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Last updated: 04 Oct, 2013

1.  Connect the VCI Pod to the data link connector as usual with the supplied vehicle cable.
2.  Connect the VCI Pod to the wiTECH laptop using the supplied USB cable that came in the VCI Pod kit. 
  • Any standard USB 2.0 A-male to mini-B cable can be used for the connection from the VCI Pod to the wiTECH laptop computer (see below).

3.  With the cabling properly routed, proceed to open the wiTECH Diagnostic Application.  In the Connection Wizard, be sure to select the USB interface of the VCI Pod (see below).  Now the user is all set to take the VCI Pod and wiTECH laptop computer on a test drive with the vehicle.

Note:  Be aware that USB is susceptible to electromagnetic noise and grounding issues. 
Article ID: 101
Last updated: 04 Oct, 2013
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Updated: 04 Oct, 2013 by Merriam L.
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