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DRB III Emulator
document DRB III Emulator Overview
DESCRIPTION:  The DRB III Emulator software feature provides dealers the key advantage of being able to use their current wiTECH System components in combination with TechTOOLs to perform diagnostics and ECU flash reprogramming on older vehicles with non-CAN...
17 Jan, 2018 Views: 52138 Comments: 0
document DRB III Emulator – Aftermarket/Fleet Only
Beginning August 1, 2014, any Aftermarket/Fleet sales of wiTECH Equipment will no longer include the DRB III Emulator. Any inquiries on the DRB III Emulator should be addressed to Controller Tech for purchasing and support of the stand-alone DRB III Emulator software and hardware. ...
29 Oct, 2014 Views: 9872 Comments: 0
document Enhanced DRB III Emulator
Overview The DRB III™ hardware device is a handheld diagnostic tool that preceded the Next Generation Service Tool (NGST) family of service tools in FCA dealerships.  This tool was introduced in 1994 and can no longer be manufactured in its current form due to parts...
08 Jun, 2016 Views: 6699 Comments: 0