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Dealer Case Studies
document Interference Due to Broadcasting Rogue Wireless Devices
Dealer Complaint:  wiTECH Premium Support personnel were advised by dealership personnel that all Chrysler tools were dropping wireless connection and at times were undiscoverable within the wiTECH Diagnostic Application. When the diagnostic tools were discovered via the wiTECH...
10 Oct, 2013 Views: 4470 Comments: 0
document Interference Due to Rogue Access Points
Dealer Complaint: "wiTECH does not work on Saturdays" Investigation Comments: Based on discussions with the technicians, on Saturdays at this particular dealership, technicians often connected the wiTECH system to the vehicle and then would leave for extended periods of time. ...
10 Oct, 2013 Views: 4666 Comments: 0
document Interference Due to Hunter P411 Tire Alignment Rack
Dealer Complaint: "wiTECH not working properly- constantly dropping out " Investigation Comments: Over a period of time, multiple dealer issues were corrected. However, the wiTECH system would periodically drop network connections. Root Cause: Through scanning...
10 Oct, 2013 Views: 6187 Comments: 0
document Interference Due to Security Camera, Microwave Ovens, and Oil-Burning Furnace
Dealer Complaint: "wiTECH wireless is dropping out every few weeks." Investigation Comments:   The technicians had been experiencing intermittent wireless issues with the tools for several months. wiTECH Support had been able to resolve the issues temporarily only to have...
10 Oct, 2013 Views: 5152 Comments: 0