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folder CCN (Cabin Compartment Node)
folder DDM (Drivers Door Module)
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Electronic Control Module
folder EPPM (Electronic Pedestrian Protection Module)
folder ESL (Electronic Steering Lock)
folder ESM (Electronic Shift Module)
folder HCP (Hybrid Control Processor)
folder HVAC (Heating Ventalation and Air Conditioning)
Heating Ventalation and Air Conditioning
folder HFM (Hands Free Module)
folder ITM (Intrusion Theft Module)
folder IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster)
folder ORC (Occupant Restraint Controller)
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Powertrain Control Module
folder PTU (Powertrain Transfer Unit)
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folder TGW (Telematics Gateway Radio)
folder TIPM (Totally Intergraded Power Module)
folder VSIM (Vehicle System Integration Module)
folder WIN/WCM (Wireless Ignition Node/Wireless Control Module)

document ECU Flash Failure: What to do Next?
When the initial attempt to perform an ECU Flash fails, the following steps should resolve the issue:     Read all available service documentation (SBs, RRTs, Recalls) from the wiTECH Diagnostic Application to ensure that the flash applies to the connected...
11 Oct, 2013 Views: 20643 Comments: 0
document Safety Recall G40 for EBC/ABS Module Flash Resulting in 'Flash Process Failed'
Issue While performing Safety Recall G40, for an ABS Module Flash, user may experience a 'Flash Process Failed' message.  During the flash, user will experience 'Programming ABS Code Block #7 of 7 - 100%' followed by 'Flash Update Failed (FF)' messages.  Please see below. ...
11 Jun, 2013 Views: 3781 Comments: 0
document Flash Reprogramming ECUs Using a Portable Laptop PC
DESCRIPTION: Laptops are usually set to a default Power Scheme that controls how long the computer must be idle/inactive before turning off the monitor, sleeping, standby, or shutting down. In Windows 7, the default power setting is Balanced These modes are triggered...
15 Apr, 2015 Views: 33927 Comments: 0
document Flash Process Failed: Could Not Open Required Hardware Channel to Vehicle
DESCRIPTION: This particular flash failure has been known to be caused by a poor networking environment. Networking issues are very difficult to detect and can be intermittent at times. They can range from intermittent loss of connection to total loss of...
16 Oct, 2013 Views: 3511 Comments: 0