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Known Software Issues
document 14.02 – DO NOT quarantine certain files that are dependencies of the wiTECH Software
Description: During or after the installation of wiTECH 14.01.20, the Antivirus software that runs on your PC may ask your permission to quarantine the files that are dependencies of the wiTECH Software. If the anti-virus tool quarantines those files, it will cause issues and the...
27 Jan, 2014 Views: 13967 Comments: 0
document wiTECH Device Connection Error: "wiTECH Application was unable to connect to the device at IP Address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"
DESCRIPTION: When users select a device in the Connection Wizard they may see the error message, “wiTECH Application was unable to connect to the device at IP Address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx…” as shown in the screenshot below: The user may encounter this issue due to one of...
10 Apr, 2015 Views: 12248 Comments: 0
document wiTECH Server Not Found - NO GREEN ICON Displayed in System Tray
DESCRIPTION: The wiTECH Server is programmed to start when the PC boots. The wiTECH Server utilizes two independent processes: the wiTECH Server.exe and the wiTECH Monitor.exe. These processes require a properly installed Java 1.6 update 21 or higher to...
17 Oct, 2014 Views: 16368 Comments: 0
document “Error: Error #1009” - DealerCONNECT Time Out
DESCRIPTION: This error is caused by having the wiTECH Diagnostic Application 13.01.26 open and displaying the Connection Wizard (discovery screen) for more than two hours and then logging into a vehicle without re-launching the application. ...
08 Oct, 2013 Views: 4981 Comments: 0
document wiTECH v12.02.50 Vehicle Reports Only Display Data When Saved and Viewed as .pdf Documents
ISSUE: wiTECH Diagnostic Application Run/View Reports feature will not display data values when the report is first run and displayed.  RESOLUTION: Technicians should save the report as a .pdf document first, then open the .pdf document. The data...
08 Oct, 2013 Views: 6699 Comments: 0
document Restore Vehicle Configuration Results in “Procedure Failed. Internal Error Occurred. Ref ID:”
  ISSUE: There have been reports from the field that the Restore Vehicle Configuration produces the error message: “Procedure Failed. Internal Error Occurred. Ref ID.”  This is a very intermittent failure with the 10.02 release version of the wiTECH Diagnostic...
08 Oct, 2013 Views: 4987 Comments: 0
document Flight Recording "Upload to Support" Failing with Message, “Recording Failed to Upload”
  ISSUE: After creating a flight recording and clicking on "Upload to Support," the recording may fail to upload with error message “Recording Failed to Upload.”   RESOLUTION: Open an internet browser window and navigate to  Tools > Internet Options (see Figure...
08 Oct, 2013 Views: 3325 Comments: 0
document DTCs "Search Service Information" Button Inoperable Using Internet Explorer Version 6
ISSUE: The user may experience an inoperable Search Service Information button in the DTCs tab while using Internet Explorer version 6 (see Figure 1).   Figure 1: "Search Service Information" button inoperable using IE6   To determine what version of Internet Explorer you are...
08 Oct, 2013 Views: 14322 Comments: 0
document Programming the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to PCM using wiTECH Diagnostic Application Requires VIN to Be Written in CAPS
  ECU: PCM (Powertrain Control Module)   Issue: After a PCM service part replacement, the vehicle's VIN must be written to the PCM. When attempting to write the VIN to the PCM, the wiTECH Diagnostic Application will possibly report an invalid VIN if any lowercase...
03 Dec, 2013 Views: 18647 Comments: 0