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Who can I contact if I have questions concerning the wiTECH system?

You can call the wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk at 1-888-WITECH-1 (1-888-948-3241), or send an email to support@witechtools.com. Trained help desk professionals will be available to handle all questions concerning wiTECH, including system and networking requirements, sales, functionality, and general rollout schedule.

What are the key components of the wiTECH system?

The wiTECH system consists of the following:

wiTECH Access Gateway The wiTECH Access Gateway provides a diagnostic tool–only wireless network for StarMOBILE VCIs, wiTECH VCI Pods, and laptops running the wiTECH Diagnostic Application.
wiTECH VCI Pod The wiTECH VCI Pod provides communication with the vehicle similar to a StarMOBILE device but at less than half the cost. Multiple wiTECH VCI Pods and StarMOBILE devices can be supported by a single wiTECH Access Gateway.
wiTECH Diagnostic Application This all-new diagnostic application replaces the existing StarMOBILE Desktop Client application and contains significant enhancements to improve technicians' efficiency. The application can be installed on any laptop or desktop PC that meets the minimum wiTECH system requirements. It is highly recommended that you install your software on a portable laptop computer, as this will significantly increase your mobility in the service area.

Are there laptop computers you can recommend?

Yes. A key advantage of the wiTECH Diagnostic Application is that it is designed to run on any standard PC that meets the minimum wiTECH requirements. wiTECH PC requirements are defined in the .pdf document attached to the article wiTECH Requirements.

Does wiTECH support legacy vehicles?

The wiTECH system will support the same CAN-based vehicles currently supported by the StarSCAN and StarMOBILE diagnostic tools. The DRBIII will continue to support non-CAN vehicles (i.e. SCI, CCD, J1850) built between 1983 and 2007.

Can technicians access the wiTECH wireless network during road tests?

A USB cable will be included in your kit that will allow connection directly between the wiTECH VCI Pod and a laptop computer without the Access Gateway.

How Do I Take the Pod out of Data Record Mode to View Recordings?

Exiting Data Record Mode:


  1. With the VCI Pod Trigger attached and the lights on the trigger green, press and hold the Trigger button.
  2. The Green light will begin to flash as though it is creating another recording. 
  3. Keep holding the Trigger button until the light goes out completely.
  4. Remove Trigger.
  5. The device should have rebooted and the WLAN should now be green.


  1. Attach the trigger to the microPod-II using the USB interface cable.
  2. Press and hold the Trigger button.
  3. The Green light will begin to flash as though it is creating another recording. 
  4. Keep holding the Trigger button until the light goes out completely.
  5. Remove Trigger and the USB interface cable.
  6. The device should have rebooted and the WLAN should now be green.

To View the Recording:

  1. Once you have logged into the wiTECH Diagnostic Application, navigate to Utilities > Flight Recorder mode > Recording List 
  2. To upload the files to StarCENTER, select the recording and click on the "Upload" button on the right-hand side of the tab.
Are the VCI Pod and StarMOBILE power supplies interchangeable?

The VCI Pod and StarMOBILE are not completely interchangeable.

  • The StarMOBILE power supply CAN be used on the VCI Pod.
  • The VCI Pod power supply SHOULD NOT be used on the StarMOBILE as it does not supply enough power, which can could damage to the StarMOBILE.

Does the wiTECH Diagnostic Application Support Restore Vehicle Configuration?

Yes, the wiTECH Diagnostic Application supports restoration of vehicle configurations. The Restore Vehicle Configuration routine is located under the Diagnostic Procedures tab (see screenshots below).  This FAQ assumes that you have logged into DealerCONNECT, as this procedure requires a valid connection to the DealerCONNECT service.

  1. From the Vehicle Topology Screen, select Diagnostic Procedures from the tabs at the bottom of the page. 

  1. Select the Restore Vehicle Configuration line.
  2. Select the arrow to the right to run the procedure.

  1. When the Restore Vehicle Configuration box pops up, click Continue to begin the process.
  2. Follow all prompts to successfully complete.