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2013 Dodge Forza (BK, Venezuela)
document Venezuela Only: 2013 Forza (BK) and K-Line PCM Application Usage
SUMMARY On the 2013 Dodge Forza (BK), the K-Line ECU Manager will launch when selecting the PCM to view module information (K-Line ECUs are indicated by the brown color of the module).   NOTE: Due to the unique vehicle architecture of the 2013 Forza (BK), users may encounter...
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document Venezuela Only: 2013 Forza (BK) Tool identification process
SUMMARY wiTECH has three vehicle connection strategies that are used to identify a vehicle: the automatic identification process, the DealerCONNECT VIN-based identification process, and the manual year-body (YB) chooser process.  wiTECH connects to the BK using...
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document 2013 Forza (BK) - Programming a Key
SUMMARY Key programming on the Dodge Forza (BK) utilizes the IPC module and requires a 5-digit key code unique to the vehicle's VIN. The 5-digit key code can only be obtained from DealerCONNECT by authorized personnel. PROCEDURE:   To run the Key Learn procedure in the wiTECH...
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document 2013 Dodge Forza (BK) CAN-B Slow ECU Scanning
Due to the unique vehicle architecture of the Dodge Forza (BK), users may encounter slow ECU scanning on the topology screen.  CAN-B ECUs (ORC and IPC) may also respond slower if the technician attempts to perform diagnostics immediately after vehicle connection (i.e. K-line PCM...
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document Dodge Forza (BK) NIV and VIN Usage
On the Dodge Forza (BK), the physical VIN plate contains the Venezuelan VIN (“NIV”) formatting (see image below). wiTECH web services convert the NIV to the Chrysler corporate VIN structure before displaying the VIN in topology view i.e. NIV: 8Y3ADWA60CG008913 would...
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