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wiTECH Premium Support
document Change in VCI Pod RMA Process for NAFTA Region
The VCI Pod was released with the original wiTECH System in 2008. The VCI Pod does not support all 2016 MY Vehicles.  With the introduction of wiTECH 2.0, the microPod II has become the new standard for performing vehicle diagnostics, superseding the VCI Pod at a lower cost. Starting Q2...
11 Aug, 2015 Views: 3242 Comments: 0
document microPod Warranty Replacement Changes for NAFTA Region
With the introduction of wiTECH 2.0, the microPod II has become the standard for performing vehicle diagnostics at a lower cost than the VCI Pod. Starting Q2 2015, the microPod will have a standard 1-year warranty from the date shipped. If your microPod is out of warranty, it cannot be...
11 Aug, 2015 Views: 7516 Comments: 0
document Chrysler Automated Billings
The following chart provides information on the Chrysler Automated Billings.  The Dealership’s Administration is able to view and retrieve their billings via:  DealerCONNECT-> My Dealership-> Statements-> Dealer Billing Statement. If you encounter a discrepancy in...
26 Oct, 2015 Views: 3553 Comments: 0
document wiTECH Tools Hardwire workaround options when wireless connection issues are present
Description: Dealer is unable to use the wiTECH Diagnostic tools with a wireless connection. The procedures listed below are to be used as a workaround when wireless issues are present or there is an equipment failure. A Procedure: For a temporary workaround, the dealer can make a...
17 Jun, 2014 Views: 13116 Comments: 0
document How to report missing DTC-based Service Diagnostic Procedure Information
DESCRIPTION The Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) that are displayed in the wiTECH Diagnostic Application are being reported by the ECU indicating a condition occurring on the vehicle.  The service diagnostic procedure information for clearing the active DTCs can be found in TechCONNECT...
20 May, 2014 Views: 3062 Comments: 0
document wiTECH 16.02 – Confirming wiTECH Release Version Information
DESCRIPTION Check the wiTECH Patch level by accessing About -> Version Information as shown in the screenshot below. The Patch Level must be at “16.02.11.p1” Note: Please note that wiTECH Diagnostic Application must have been updated to version 16.02.11 in order for the patch...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 7114 Comments: 0
document "wiTECH Server Not Found" - wiTECH Server Icon Displays Green
DESCRIPTION: After installing wiTECH 14.02 you may see the “wiTECH Server Not Found” message when you launch wiTECH Diagnostic Application, window as shown in the screenshot below, but the wiTECH Server icon is displayed green in the system tray. A Normal 0 ...
27 Jan, 2014 Views: 15614 Comments: 0
document The wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk for Aftermarket & Fleet Customers
The wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk for Aftermarket Customers Article ID: 387 Last updated: 15 Jan, 2016 The wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk supports the Chrysler wiTECH Diagnostic System. Getting started with wiTECH To create an account or inquire about wiTECH products,...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 33935 Comments: 0
document Flashing red light on VCI Pods and MicroPODs
Description: With previous versions of the wiTECH application if your laptop either lost network connection or powered down unexpectedly during the flash process you would be forced to initiate the process all over again. Starting from wiTECH 14.02, you will notice flashing...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 9437 Comments: 0
document StarMOBILE Desktop Client Application support has been discontinued. Aftermarket customers are required to update to the wiTECH System.
Description: StarMOBILE Desktop Client Application is no longer supported.  Due to TechAuthority system upgrades, aftermarket users that are still using the StarMOBILE Desktop Client application may not be able to login in through TechAuthority to download flash files. These users are...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 4240 Comments: 0

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