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wiTECH Diagnostic Application
document How to Take the VCI Pod and Laptop out on a Road Test
1.  Connect the VCI Pod to the data link connector as usual with the supplied vehicle cable. 2.  Connect the VCI Pod to the wiTECH laptop using the supplied USB cable that came in the VCI Pod kit.  Any standard USB 2.0 A-male to mini-B cable can be used for the...
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document How to Use wiTECH for MOPAR Accessory Installations
This article will teach you how to use wiTECH to successfully perform the necessary steps outlined in a MOPAR Accessory Installation Instructional Guide.  Restore Vehicle Configuration, Program Network Configuration, and the Validation Process of checking if the configuration...
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document How to Create a Custom Data Display View
Version 10.02 of the wiTECH Diagnostic Application contains a new “Custom Display” feature that gives the user the ability to create and view custom data displays comprised of elements across multiple ECUs. The following illustrates how to setup this feature.   To access the...
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document How to Sort Data Tables
A useful feature in the wiTECH Diagnostic Application is the ability to sort data display tables. You can sort any ECU data display table by name, value, unit, or type.  By simply clicking on the chosen data display column heading, the table will sort by that column either...
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document ECU Behavior When in Boot Mode
This article will describe the behavior of an ECU in Boot Mode, the common signs associated with Boot Mode within the wiTECH Diagnostic Application, and how to recover an ECU from Boot Mode.     This message pictured below may or may not occur when an ECU is in Boot Mode. This...
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document Flight Recorder and Remote Start
When using the wiTECH flight recorder, do not start the vehicle with remote start.  If remote start is used when a VCI device is connected to the vehicle, the VCI device will hibernate within 4 minutes. You will need to press a button to get the VCI device out...
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document How to Print the Midtronics 15-Digit Warranty Code
In order to print the Midtronics 15-digit warranty code, the user must right-click in the bottom border of the active window.  (see below). This will display a menu allowing the user to take a screenshot and save it to a file for printing. . There is a...
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document Unable to Interact With a Device That Is Not Connected to a Vehicle
Issue: wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 11.01 does not permit a user to interact with a device (such as updating the device or uploading recordings) that is not connected to a vehicle. If a user attempts to connect to a device like the one below in Figure 1, they will be prompted...
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document How to Utilize the Print Screen Key Function for Additional Print Capability
Please keep in mind that most screens in the wiTECH Diagnostic Application can be printed by utilizing the "Take Screenshot" feature. You can access this feature by right clicking within wiTECH and selecting "Take Screenshot."  See How to Take a Screenshot for a video tutorial. ...
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document WARNING: Blocking wiTECH Network Transmissions to www.dcctools.com May Result in Loss of Warranty Revenue
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