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Provide special announcements concerning Chrysler Group LLC diagnostic tools.
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Recent Articles
document DealerCONNECT/TechCONNECT/VIP Links from wiTECH Utilities Menu – 3/2/2015
The issues with DealerCONNECT/TechCONNECT/VIP links under Utilities menu in wiTECH have been resolved in wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 15.03.29.  So, please update your PC/Laptop to wiTECH version 15.03.29 for those links to work. Email support@witechtools.com if you need...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 6953 Comments: 0
document microPod Setup Utility
How-to Setup a MicroPod II for wiTECH 2 DESCRIPTION If your dealership purchased a new microPOD and you would like to convert your existing microPOD for using with wiTECH 2.0...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 24294 Comments: 0
document Diagnostic Tool Registration for wiTECH
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 62591 Comments: 0
document wiTECH 14.02 – User gets “Internal Registration error has occurred (error 10.11)” in wiTECH Tool “Connection Wizard”
In some scenarios, user may see the error “An internal registration error has occurred (error 10.11). Please see the knowledgebase for more information: http://kb.dcctools.com/index.php?CategoryID=123”. The error has been depicted in the screenshot below: Normal 0 ...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 7381 Comments: 0
document BCM Replacement for Fiat/Fiat Re-badged vehicles
Summary Starting from wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 15.01, the BCM replacement procedure is included for the following vehicles: FIAT 500 (FF) FIAT 500L (BF) RAM ProMaster (VF) RAM ProMaster City (VM) Alfa Romeo (4C) Overview In previous years the BCMs...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 7331 Comments: 0
document StarMOBILE Desktop Client Application support has been discontinued. Aftermarket customers are required to update to the wiTECH System.
Description: StarMOBILE Desktop Client Application is no longer supported.  Due to TechAuthority system upgrades, aftermarket users that are still using the StarMOBILE Desktop Client application may not be able to login in through TechAuthority to download flash files. These users are...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 4248 Comments: 0
document J2534 Support
Procedure for Chrysler J2534 Application Support: Please read through the different levels below to determine where you should direct communications related to your J2534 issue. PLEASE NOTE: The wiTECH Premium Support Help Desk DOES NOT ACCEPT PHONE CALLS regarding J2534 issues or...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 17129 Comments: 0
document Using the wiTECH Application “Contact Us” Feature
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE DESCRIPTION The “Contact Us” feature in the wiTECH Diagnostic...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 6970 Comments: 0
document How To Register Diagnostic Tools (CHRYSLER SUPPLIER AND CORPORATE USERS ONLY)
This article applies to internal Chrysler corporate users or suppliers who have unregistered diagnostic tools such as wiTECH VCI Pod, StarMOBILE and microPOD. Upon using wiTECH with an unregistered tool, users will see a pop up message similar to “Warning!! The {your...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 22907 Comments: 0
document Required Dependent Software for wiTECH Diagnostic Application and TechTOOLS
Description TechTOOLS Please click on the following KB Article link for dependent software requirements for TechTOOLS: http://kb.dcctools.com/index.php?View=entry&EntryID=465 wiTECH Diagnostic Application wiTECH System install process requires the following...
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 14301 Comments: 0