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Recent Articles
document BCM Replacement for Fiat/Fiat Re-badged vehicles
Summary Starting from wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 15.01, the BCM replacement procedure is included for the following vehicles: FIAT 500 (FF) FIAT 500L (BF) RAM ProMaster (VF) RAM ProMaster City (VM) Alfa Romeo (4C) Overview In previous years the BCMs...
18 Sep, 2014 Views: 17 Comments: 0
document Unable to download ECU re-programming flash files from TechAuthority with Java 7 Update 51 and beyond
Description: User is unable to ECU re-programming flash files from TechAuthority, if the user’s PC has been updated to Java 8 update. Oracle has made major changes in Java 8 update that causes issues in TechAuthority Application. User will see the following error (see screenshot below) when...
04 Sep, 2014 Views: 731 Comments: 0
document wiTECH 15.01 - "Server request failed for vehicle service" error message while running diagnostic routines
Issue Summary wiTECH 15.01 - User sees “Server request failed for vehicle service”  error message while running routines. Description Users may see the error message as shown below when they attempt to run routines after replacing the PCM on certain vehicles. Some of the...
20 Aug, 2014 Views: 2659 Comments: 0
document Co-Pilot Troubleshooting Steps
DESCRIPTION The following is a list of common troubleshooting steps that should be followed when diagnosing the Co-Pilot   PROCEDURE Launch TechTOOLS If TechTOOLS does not launch review public KB 438. Make sure the cable has been properly...
19 Aug, 2014 Views: 935 Comments: 0
document How to download and install the new National Instruments drivers for TechTOOLS Application on Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit) and Windows 8 Operating Systems
The National Instruments drivers have been upgraded in order to comply with Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit) and Windows 8 Operating Systems. Before being installing the new National Instruments drivers, please make sure that no previous installation of National Instruments drivers is...
11 Aug, 2014 Views: 6081 Comments: 0
document Device Update Required – New Update Options feature with wiTECH 15.01.45
After installing the wiTECH Diagnostic Application version 15.01.45, users can decide as to whether or not their diagnostic tool (VCI Pod, microPod II or StarMOBILE) OS version can be updated. Please see the screenshot below:  If you select the “Update” option, your device...
28 Jul, 2014 Views: 6753 Comments: 0
document wiTECH 15.01.45 – Buttons, headers and menus are not displaying properly for French and Spanish users
Issue Summary: wiTECH Diagnostic Application headers and button labels are blank or appear as “null” for French and Spanish users after updating to 15.01.45. Description: If you have updated the wiTECH Application Software to version 15.01.45, you might see all the application...
24 Jul, 2014 Views: 7219 Comments: 0
document How Do I Take the Pod out of Data Record Mode to View Recordings?
Exiting Data Record Mode: VCI Pod With the VCI Pod Trigger attached and the lights on the trigger green, press and hold the Trigger button. The Green light will begin to flash as though it is creating another recording.  Keep holding the Trigger button until the light goes...
23 Jul, 2014 Views: 8925 Comments: 0
document How to update from wiTECH Application Software from 13.04.49 or later to the latest version
The article below explains different ways of updating wiTECH Application Software to the latest version if the PC/Laptop has been installed with 13.04.49 or later version. Automatic update Note: If you are installing wiTECH Diagnostic Application in any language other than English,...
22 Jul, 2014 Views: 3377 Comments: 0
document wiTECH Diagnostic Application Software Download
wiTECH Diagnostic Application Software Download We have changed the way we distribute wiTECH Diagnostic Application Software. The instructions to download and update the wiTECH Software will vary as follows: Note: If you are installing wiTECH Diagnostic Application in any language other...
22 Jul, 2014 Views: 37336 Comments: 0